Better Future Forum

Better Future Forum

This Better Future Forum is a global expert conversation to explore and share the latest thinking around a topical issue faced by today’s society.

Making waves: The rising tide of data for social good

On 1 July 2014, hundreds of experts from around the world joined BT and GlobeScan in a Forum to explore the significant challenges in influencing consumer behaviour and the increasing opportunities for digital data and technology to help in tackling big societal issues.

The discussions were framed around two conversations – how digital connectivity can accelerate our journey towards sustainable consumption, and how we can ride the new wave of digital data to deliver good for society and the environment.

The findings from those sessions are summarised in the report ‘Making waves: The rising tide of data for social good, along with the three key areas of insights that have emerged from across the Forum, covering digital influence, purposeful data and connecting skills with need.

The full report is available for download now containing insights from featured guests such as Jeff Sachs from The Earth Institute, Dame Ellen MacArthur, and Unilever’s Keith Weed.

Net Positive Mindsets

On 2 and 3 July 2013, hundreds of sustainability experts from around the world, including Dame Ellen MacArthur, Accenture’s Peter Lacy and Save the Children’s Jasmine Whitbread, joined BT and our partners GlobeScan for the Better Future Forum, where we discussed the potential for business to make a net positive contribution to the environment.

The Forum hosted three, real-time, interactive discussions, each looking at different dimensions of delivering a net positive business strategy. We investigated themes such as the challenges of transforming business value chains to value loops, the potential for industry collaborations, new technological solutions, and new ways to measure and communicate success.

We posted BT’s immediate response in a video and a highlights report within 24 hours, and announced our next steps to Net Good. Those steps are to be instrumental in establishing collaborative approaches, to work with others to develop principles and different models and approaches to net positive, and to influence positive and scalable stakeholder behaviours.

The full report ‘Net Positive Mindsets’ includes details of all the Forum discussions and identifies three key insights from the Forum – Engage consumers; Big ideas, big energy; and Innovate and collaborate. Find out more in the full report.