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Our volunteers are helping to feed Hong Kong’s hungry

17 May 2018

Our volunteers helped sort free food for the charity Feeding Hong Kong.

Ken Browning from our Hong Kong office says: “One in eight people here only have £3 a day to spend on food due to high living costs, so organisations like Feeding Hong Kong have a vital role to play.

“We helped process thousands of items supplied free by companies including Cathay Pacific, Sky Chefs, Marks and Spencer and Pret A Manger. All items needed checking and sorting before being sent to 75 charities that run food banks around Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong food donations

Our volunteers spent a day working through several pallets of food. They were joined by volunteers from other companies.

With Cathay Pacific alone donating 45 tonnes of food and drink each month, there was a lot to do in just one day.

Ken says: “It’s little wonder we ended the day with sore backs after shifting more than 3.6 tonnes of food. That’s the equivalent of 8,500 meals. But it was a great day and very satisfying to do something for people in need on one of my last days before retiring.”

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