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We’re bringing together our BT, EE and Plusnet brands to create the UK’s largest provider of fixed-voice, broadband and mobile services. It’ll take effect from 1 April 2018. And we’ll still do what we’ve always done; connect our customers to information, entertainment, friends and family - both at home and on the move.

BT is the largest provider of consumer fixed-line voice and broadband services in the UK and EE has the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G mobile network. BT Sport is the second largest provider of pay-TV sports channels in the UK and a leader in broadcast technology.

We buy access to fixed-line and broadband infrastructure from Openreach, and EE’s mobile network provides our mobile phone services. Because we know one size rarely fits all, we sell home phone, broadband, TV and mobile to our customers in a variety of packages - from all three brands.

We also sell a whole host of devices, from phones and wi-fi extenders to baby monitors and home cams. And we work closely with our suppliers to make sure our products and business operations are sustainable - from the first link in the supply chain through to our customers.

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Consumer business structure

ceo image
Marc Allera
Andy Baker
CEO Plusnet
Andy Haworth
MD, BT Consumer, TV & Sport Content Strategy
Ettienne Brandt
MD Channels and Trading EE
Libby Barr
MD, Consumer Sales & Service
Max Taylor
Marketing MD
Nick Lane
MD Customer Service EE
Pete Oliver
MD, Consumer Commercial Marketing and Digital
Russell Johnstone
General Counsel
Russell Strevens
Sarah Jane Henley
HR Director
Simon Frunkin
Simon Green
Head of BT Sport
Stephen Harris
Zaid Al-Qassab
Chief Brand & Marketing Officer, BT Group